How to Set A Goal

You may have been told that setting a goal is very important. Guess what, I’m here to tell you that it is. There are so many reasons for this.

You may have been told that setting a goal is very important. Guess what, I’m here to tell you that it is. There are so many reasons for this. In fact, I think setting goals has saved my life. I’m here to share with you a bit about my experience with setting goals, what my goals are moving forward in my life, and how you can set your own goals too (and really reach them this time). Keep reading for all the details.

Why goals are important…

When you don’t have a goal in your life you don’t have something to reach for. You don’t have something you are looking forward to achieving. A goal can be several different things. If you have been following me the past year or two, you know my goals have revolved around reaching a specific summit around the world. Each one I have attempted has been more difficult than the last. It has caused me to continue to work hard for the next mountain in mind.

Now, I’m not telling you your goals should be to climb a mountain. In fact, they don’t need to be anything athletic. Perhaps you want to excel at work, maybe you want to make a certain amount of money, maybe you want to save more money. There are so many things that you may want to achieve this month, this year, and in your life.

But…if the future is not promised, why not push us to reach our goals. Why not ensure you’re not at the end of your life and wishing you did more, saw more, and become more?

How to set your goals..

The next step is to set your goal. Like I said before, what came to mind when you thought of a personal goal? If you can’t think of anything, try thinking of something that is slightly out of your reach right now but you know eventually it could become attainable if you work hard.

There are also so many different level of goals you can achieve. I like to focus on ones that are 6 months or 1 year away. When it’s much longer I end up feeling overwhelmed that that will take me a long time to reach that.

The goals in my life…

I’ve had so many different phases in my life. One thing that has always been consistent is setting goals for myself. Whether that is athletically, travel wise, in my career, and everything in between, goals are critical for you to grow into the person you want to be.

Some fun facts about me and the goals I have accomplished (I feel like this suddenly is a boasting moment and it’s not meant to be.)

I went to World youth and World juniors in high school. Both were in Europe and I competed for team Canada.

I ended up going to the University of Texas at El Paso on a full scholarship for track and field.

I quite any type of 9-5 job and started an online marketing business full time that I have currently done for 4 years.

I’ve had a lot of times in my life where I have missed my goal. I’m proud to say it has never been a situation that has crushed me. I’m simply focused on a new goal or gone after it again.

My current goals…

I talk on my Instagram account about my various mountaineering goals. Right now, I have a permit in for Mount Whitney (highest peak in continental USA) and I am booked to climb Aconcagua at the end of the year (highest peak in South America). Both of this I believe are definitely attainable but I also know I’m going to have to keep working hard in order to get in better shape and even become mentally tougher. With some of these longer and higher hikes I’ve started leaning more mountaineering skills that will help me continue in the future (hint – I want to end up climbing Denali).

I also now officially have the goal of starting a YouTube channel. My goal is to share my story while hiking through the mountains around the world. I would love for you to subscribe (it would help me out so much while starting!) click HERE now.

So, what came to your mind when you were reading this? Did a large goal pop up suddenly? Perhaps something you have always wanted to achieve but didn’t know where to start.

Start now. Write it down and put it on your fridge. You may achieve it even quicker than you thought.

Thanks for reading. As always, keep living life.

-Laura Leanne



Author: Laura Leanne

In the blink of an eye my wonderful husband passed away on January 1st, 2017. I've loved sharing my story of love, loss and life to help anyone dealing with grief.

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